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Welcome  Little Farms Poultry LLC - Meat and Poultry Processing

Our services and products include: WSDA Certified Poultry processing including chickens, turkeys, pheasants, roosters, guineas, ducks, geese and rabbits.  In addition; we raise meat animals including beef and pork on the farm with feeds that contain no  GMO's., Beef cattle  forage on the land 6 months of the year and are supplemented with alfalfa and triticale raised on fields free from Pestisides. These animals are processed at a custom processing facility with great humanity and quality, so that when you purchase meat from us you can be sure it is of the highest grade and processed with the upmost care.

As the sole owner  of the farm, I employ farm hands to assist me in operating both the livestock, gardens and Poultry facility, this is so that I can provide you, the customer the best in quality, service and products in the Columbia Gorge.

Each of my customers receive special one-on-one attention. My team and I have a lot of fun here, and we love what we do, to top it off we strive to be cost sensitive to meet the ever demanding needs of our potential client base. I along with my staff make certain you are 100% satisfied.

My animals are all pasture based and in winter months our hogs and fowl are supplemented with grains, including oats, barley, and alfalfa pellets. Cows remain on various hays with the primary feed being triticale, supplemental grasses include alfalfa.

Beef sold in quarters,  and hogs in halves. Chickens and Cornish Game Hens must be ordered 8 weeks in advance of need.
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